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%temp% Android Application to understand Activity Android Applicaton login button should remain disabled Android Program C Language GTU MCA Syllabus PPT/Notes C full ppt by keval nagaria C++ GTU MCA CPI/CGPA To Percentage Calculator Core JAVA GTU MCA Core Java Create Bootable USB flash Drive Using DISKPART utility Create USB Pen Drive Create an application that will create database with table of User credential. Create an application that will have spinner with list of animation names. On selecting animation name Create an application to call specific entered number by user in the EditText Create an application to make Insert Crimping DBMS GTU MCA Syllabus PPT/Note DISKPART DOS Command to Erase temp file DS GTU MCA Delete and retrieve operation on the database. Erase/Delete Temp file Ethernet FON GTU MCA FON Practical Solution FON Program Fundamental Of Networking GTU MCA PPT GTU Student FInd CPI/CGPA To Percentage Converter Intent Java Chapter Wise Slide Show For GTU MCA Student Sem-3 LAN Cable Online CPI/CGPA Converter/Calculator PL_SQL GTU MCA Syllabus PPT/Note RG45 Connector Read messages from the mobile and display it on the screen. SS(System Software) GTU MCA Understand Menu option. a. Create an application that will change color of the screen Understand resource folders : a. Create spinner with strings taken from resource folder b. On changing spinner value WTAD GTU MCA WTAD Practical Solution Web Technology And Application Development (WTAD) Windwos 7 USB Pen Drive application that will play a media file from the memory car application to send message between two emulators based on selected options from the menu. change image. delete temp file into C drive draw line on the screen as user drag his finger gtu mca android program open any URL inside the application and clicking on any link from that URl should not open Native browser but that URL should open the same screen. read file from asset folder and copy it in memory card. take picture using native application that animation should affect on the images displayed below. to pick up any image from the native application gallery and display it on the screen. update

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Keval Nagaria is a renowned name in Gujarat and India since 2009. His blogs bought a revolution in PGDCA and MCA field. Keval Nagaria blogs are referred in every College of Gujarat Technical University. He has been serving the needs of students of getting rare books for many years. He is a professional blogger and Ethical Hacker from past 5 years. Keval Nagaria is a master in I.T certifications and Cyber Security.  He has managed to fetch high quality rare books from his archive. His superior talent and excellent work have made him favorites among all the professors of Gujarat Technical University. He is famous for creating self- made presentations that are easy to download from any server. Keval Nagaria is currently providing free online and offline services for the benefit of the students.  

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Keval Nagaria has a reputation of making top class websites that have always delighted the buyers. He is working as a Senior Faculty of NIIT Limited. He is moderator and administrator of top websites. He is premium member of Odesk, freelancer and Hubpages.


Winner of Proficiency award from College 3 times a row.
Winner of Cooperative Award from college 3 times a row.
His blogs grab the attention of readers from beginning to end as measured by the readers’ feedback.
More than 80% of readers come back to the websites too often.

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