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Crimping Ethernet/utp Cable: requires Minimum Items and Save Money
‘Crimping’ is the process of turning unshielded twisted pair cable to high quality LAN cable which can be used to connect Computers, Switches, Modems and Router. This process is quite easy but is charged heavily by shops. Wired network is more secure and easily configured as compared to wireless network.  By following the baby process below, you can save up to 50 dollars and many more in lifetime. This hub will reap you benefit for long time.

Items Required
There are 3 vital items required in the process: Crimping tool, unshielded twisted pair Cable and registered jack 45 Connector. In addition to the above items there are luxurious items such as Stripper, Tester and Cutter. By following this you will generate similar high quality cable with least efforts and Items.

Step -1:
Isolate the jacket of cable by using Crimping tool. If you have stripper you can use it but as I described it is luxurious items. Start by marking off 2 inch if you are a beginner. But when you have practiced well you can do it without marking. Use the crimping tool carefully as we don’t want to cut the inner wire. For beginners use tool lightly so that only slight cable is scratched from that side. Then take the tool to the other side. Repeat this process for the remaining side.

Spread the wires by holding the base of jacket so it does not become untwisted inside the jacket. Extending the wire will give an added advantage of arranging the cable into proper order.

Arrange the wire into a proper order. We have to make 4 pair of wires from the 8 wires in the cable. We have to maintain a similar color coding if we want to make a Crossover cable. Crossover Cable is used to connect devices with similar function. If we want to connect two switches or two computers we will use this kind of cable. Straight Cable is used to connect devices with dissimilar function. If we want to connect PC to Computer we will use this type of Cable. I am featuring the color coding with text and Image.

White Orange Orange, White Green Blue, White Blue Green, White Brown Brown.

Arrange the 8 wires into 8 sides of the registered jack 45 connectors. Look carefully from the top as you must see all the trails of 8 wires. Use the video to locate connector in crimping tool and press it once. The cable will produce a noise. Your cable is done.

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