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Utilities: 5 add-ons for graphic editing from the browser

A few weeks ago we decided to dedicate the section Utilities to improve the appearance of Mozilla Firefox, as supplements allow us to completely change it by giving some touches that will make your browser unique. This is just one example of what we can do because of additions and extensions of today's browsers, but they have not only evolved, but so has the media they consume: the web.
In just beginning pages of hypertext, the web of the XXI century has evolved to give us the possibility of, for example, make streaming music or consume hours and hours of movies and games without leaving the browser. Fortunately, not only has advanced in the entertainment field, and now the browser can be a tool to carry out, for example, buckslips, which is the subject on which I based the collection of profits from this week.

Sumo Paint
With Sumo Paint can enjoy creating, retouching or shared images from any modern browser. This is a Finnish service offering for some time a photo editor with more than 1 million active users a month and a community that contributes to the cause because of the social characteristics of the site.
Upon entering the page we find a publisher that gives the feeling of belonging to OS X and the access that besides the classical tools can adjust many aspects of the image and add filters, perhaps the greatest attraction of this first entry in the list, along with the fact that it is in perfect Spanish as well as a handful of languages, which appreciate the people who understand little English. Is the downside? It is based on Flash
to run.

Editor Pixlr
Pixlr Editor is an application for Chrome that provides a complete editor, ideal for quick editing you pictures. And I say ideal because it just will take some seconds after you press the install button until you are editing images. The description of the application itself informs us that are not necessary nor expected any downloads.
The interface we are very similar to Gimp or Photoshop, and its toolbar we will find the most used functions of both programs. Amazing how things have evolved so that today we have an application as completely and enjoy it in the form of streaming, say, without leaving the cloud at any time. Do not fail to take a look at the list of filters, including old known as tilt-shift or Gaussian blur, perfect for a touch to your images before using them in our publications.

Aviary Image Editor
Another excellent editor for fast browser from Google. Aviary Image Editor includes much delas Pixel features and provides an application with support for layers that gives us the ability to easily edit images or add advanced effects typical of desktop programs. Endorsed by more than 30 tools for editing and searching for a really useful resource, thanks also can import photos directly from most commonly used storage places.
Aviary is very easy to give that little touch to our photos before sharing or use, and to prove just need to install the application and launch it from the page of Chrome new tab or from the application launcher you have installed.

Another Flash-based editor. With the ability to share our creations on sites such as Picasa, Flickr or Facebook itself, the highlights of this popular service is focused on providing the ability to edit multiple images at once, and do it with layers, Photoshop-style. After launching Slashup (click on the option Jump right in), we find a simple but fully valid editor for small editions and labels.
Are missing some additional filters, certainly a field where Sumo Paint, the other editor Flash, it is much better, but basically we want to edit images with pixel accuracy, Slashup is a good choice.

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