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How to Erase/Delete the windows temporary files folder using DOS command
Windows stores the temporary file and folder in your system. It is a collection of files and folder that you install software on your system previously. This temporary file and folder contain an enormous amount of space. Temporary file creates a trouble shot like system is slow down and sometime a threat to the privacy of the user by the other users of the computer.

·         What is a temporary file?
The temporary file is created by software for many reasons, like when you are downloading any document such as DOC and PDF file, and the file is saved as a temp file while you are using it.

·         Are this temp file is dangerous for computer?
Normally the temp file is not dangerous for computer until someone put malware and Trojan code into the system. Putting too many files into temp folder they will affect on any computer operation.

·         How to you protect against temporary file?
Temp file can be deleted either manually or by software. The manually you delete temp file using run disk cleanup.

·         Step to run disk cleanup

§  Click on ‘Start’ menu
§  Click my computer
§  Right click on C drive and select properties
§  Click on general tab
§  Click the disk cleanup tab
§  A new dialog box appears on screen and select the check box which temp file you want to delete.
§  Click yes to continue and finally click ok to delete the temp file into your system.

Note: - you may give the administrative permission to delete the file.

§  Click on ‘Start’ menu
§  Click on run
§  Type the keyword ‘%temp%’ and hit enter
§  List of temp files will appear on the window
§  Select all the files and delete them.

·         Delete temp file using the software.

Rather than downloading any paid software for erasing temp files I suggest you to create your own code with DOS command and save it for life time in your system.

·         Step to create temp remover manually.

§  Click on ‘Start’ menu
§  Click on run command and type ‘notepad’ and hit enter
§  Type the following line into notepad

§  Save file with the extension (.bat) like temp_remover.bat
§  Put this file into your ‘startup’ folder.

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